17/04/2016 - A better health for youth: from obesity to sustainability, Real Centro Universitario, El Escorial, Spain

16 April 2016, San Lorenzo de El Escorial, Spain
A better health for youth: from obesity to sustainability
09:45: Dr. Luis Moreno. Dietary patterns, Mediterranean diet and obesity prevention strategies in the school setting. Universidad de Zaragoza.
10:15 Dr. Sandro Dernini. Exploring the environmental, health and economic sustainability of the current food consumption patterns: The Mediterranean dietary paradox.
10:45 h. Break. interludio musical a cargo de Alejandro Morán Vallejo.
11:15 h. Sharing field experiences:

- Dr. Monique Romon. SFN. VIF program: shifting from childhood obesity prevention to sustainable and healthy life style for everybody in community based interventions.

- Dr. Mathieu Delabarre. From dependency to empowerment. Equales-uniterres.

- Spanish experiences:
* Alimentando otros modelos. Abel Esteban Cabellos. Sociedad cooperativa Garúa.
* Programa de Salud integral (SI!). Fundación SHE – Health, science & education.

12:30 h. Round table What projects for the future?

14:15 h. Clossing